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Completed Projects

We have repeatedly been called upon by our clients to deliver on time and in a cost effective manner, a wide range of commercial projects.

Our particular strengths are our market understanding and intelligence, our network of contacts, desk and market research, industry analysis and competitor intelligence.

Evidence and examples of a range of the projects we have delivered for our current client list:

Ports Sector

  • Worked with both Private Port Companies and the UK's largest port owner on a variety of studies including:
  • Market study to identify potential new business opportunities in Warehousing Storage & Distribution, based on the geographic location of a Port and its industrial hinterland
  • Detailed needs case study to provide evidence of the requirement for a £200m major new port development on the UK E. Coast for UK's largest port operator.
  • Marketing study for major plc Port Operator to identify potential new business and cargo opportunities, through the marketing of their port location and capabilities. Research into a specific market to provide detailed background information on the major companies in that sector.
  • Study for major UK based Port Services provider to identify opportunities in other ports for need, advantages, and added value benefits of developing their product into new markets.
  • Marketing study for major UK port services provider to investigate the potential market opportunity for the development of a new short sea shipping service
  • Strategic Business plan and market study for private port operating company in dry bulk sector, together with budgets and business case for asset driven developments
  • Market study for major European Ports investor and operating Company, identifying new business opportunities and market trends and developments in the UK
  • Manage a £2m capital development programme for private Port operator.

Shipping Companies

  • Marketing study for major Irish Sea Ferry Company.
  • Study for Norwegian Ship Owner providing them with a detailed analysis of a specific market sectors, with particular reference to key shippers, routes, methods etc.
  • Project for Norwegian Shipping Company examining opportunities for potential new business developments to complement and add value to their existing business and traffic flows through their Scottish terminal facility
  • Project for UK arm of Scandinavian Shipping line to provide them with detailed market information on specific shipping routes and markets
  • Needs case study for Scandinavian Shipping line to provide owners with market information upon which they were able to take a Board decision regarding location of their UK services relative to their market, clients and hinterland.
  • Benchmarking project for a major Continental European Lo Lo operator to enable them to take management and capital decisions on the need and requirement to develop new routes from the UK East Coast to mainland Europe.
  • Provided management for a £1.5m design and build project for a new UK headquarters and logistics centre for a major Scandinavian Shipping line and Logistics provider
  • Provide major Norwegian Shipping Company with assistance in identifying niche opportunities for selective partner venturing and acquisition in value added logistics areas
  • Provide major Shipping line with Health and Safety Policy and training of all staff
  • Market entry study for major European deep-sea container operator in deep-sea feedering operations between UK and Central Europe.
  • Market study for European investors engaged in developing a new and innovative method of unit load shipments between the UK and Continental Europe
  • Engaged by Shipping line client to assess the opportunities for hub and spoke feedering services together with specific deep-sea lines, through the combined marketing of routes, assets, and service capabilities.
  • Mentoring programmes for various clients in finance for non-financial managers.
  • Worked with Shipping Company to design and implement totally new corporate branding across two operating companies, including advertising, web site design, brochures, and stationery across the whole business.

Freight Forwarders & Logistics Companies

  • Engaged by a UK based logistics provider and freight forwarder company to design, incorporate and establish a new corporate branding. Developed marketing strategy to provide and enable their sales force potential new business targets in defined sectors. Other work for this client has included research into the creation of a new branch office and Regional Distribution Centre and establishing a strategic alliance with Scandinavian partners.
  • Project for major European food logistics group to enable them to gain a greater understanding of cargo flows through port locations where they have existing strategic sites to be able to maximise the potential in their storage facilities. Required to take a strategic overview and plan for future development and growth in specific sectors and with other logistics providers and supply chain partners.
  • Research projects undertaken for a major Continental European logistics provider to assist them in the UK with the provision of radial distribution capability best matched to their business and client requirements. Projects involved understanding current traffic flows, working with their staff to achieve an understanding of the need to maximise efficiency within their operation and representing and negotiating on behalf of the client with prospective site owners.
  • Research project for southern UK based shipping services company to identify new business opportunities in UK Humber area to enable them to plan their own strategic growth through acquisition.
  • Project for major UK line Agent and forwarder building commercial case for submission to potential Far East clients, concerning opportunities in the UK/European market and the potential added value that this client would provide to the principal as line representative.

Public Sector & Local Government

  • Detailed report and study for Local Government (Economic Development Unit) to provide essential information regarding the economic impact on a region of the development of the local Ports sector
  • Detailed report and study identifying the importance of the Ports sector in a geographic region on the development of a specific industry sector (Chemicals) and identifying potential new supply chain development opportunities
  • Engaged to write commercial case study for major urban regeneration programme linked to developments in the port sector
  • Ongoing requirement to provide critical studies in port regeneration programme for Economic Development Unit of Local Government office.
  • Research for by LSC Broker (Ports & Logistics Brokerage) in researching skills gaps and skills needs in the logistics sector in the Humber region, to enable the Broker to develop training action plans and support employers in accessing appropriate and quality learning provision and funding.
  • Engaged as part of a project team, providing ports and shipping expertise, to develop a Freight Strategy for a Humber based Unitary Authority
  • Detailed research report and study identifying the importance of the Logistics sector to a region, its skills gaps, and training needs requirements, and recommendations for how a sector forum could become the voice for the future development of the sector in the region.

Regional Development Agencies (RDA)

  • Logistics Audit undertaken for RDA as part of a team working on a major logistics development study
  • Provided marketing assistance and intelligence to RDA in the organisation of a major Logistics Conference in the Summer of 2003


  • Research project for UK based paper converter to assist them in identifying potential new markets for a paper process that they had developed. This involved working together with their senior management team, sales and marketing team and creating a new branding. Our role included identifying the potential market in the travel-catering sector, including research in the airline and cruise catering market, and benchmarking product against competitor products manufactured in the UK and overseas.
  • Provided Engineering Company with the tools to enable them to undertake change management programme
  • Provide clients in freight sector with strategic business/financial planning and management support. Currently supporting 3 clients on an ongoing basis in this regard
  • Assist on an ongoing basis, Companies in the Logistics, Transport and Freight sector with strategic business planning, succession planning and the management of change.


  • Provided a major UK Auto Logistics provider with an intensive 6 month training programme across all of their UK sites aimed at improving process quality, and reducing waste
  • Research projects for the logistics division of a major European vehicle manufacturers to provide added value and specific port/logistics/environmental/legislative strategies for logistics provision and supply chain management for the next 10 years
  • Report prepared for the logistics division of a major European vehicle manufacturer regarding establishing a legal framework for Freight Forwarder status in Brazil.
  • Worked as part of project team for major manufacturers logistics division investigating best practice, alternative routes methods, sustainable supply chain solutions, as part of a major logistics review programme. Provided industry specific expertise and knowledge relating to sea routes, ports, and transport sustainability, industry developments etc.


  • Established the Humber ports region first business skills specific, Ports, Shipping, Transport & Logistics specific recruitment agency, and have since developed a mature client and candidate structure nationwide working together with many large companies in helping them to recruit new and proficient resource at all levels form trainees to senior management and board level
  • Provide various clients with industry status and reward benchmarking studies.
  • Ongoing projects with FE and HE colleges and other education providers in the Humber region to promote the Ports & Logistics industry as a worthwhile career path for trainees and young people exiting further/higher education.


  • Research project for Grimsby College, working with them to establish a logistics management education programme for the region. Work so far has involved recruitment of Logistics Manager, establishing Steering Group, conducting training needs analysis study and assisting in marketing and general course content. The College through the Humber Institute of Food & Fisheries now offers a foundation degree course and a suite of other logistics education courses
  • Worked as part of a team to enable Hull University Business School to develop a strategic plan for the development of a Logistics Institute.
  • Provide ongoing support to Education Business links Organisation (EBLO) to enable them to gain a better awareness of the needs of the Ports & Logistics industry in recruiting new skills, career opportunities etc.
  • Chair steering group for Ports & Logistics Partnership Centre of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) for the Humber region. The CoVE, funded by the Learning & Skills Council will provide affordable effective training to raise the capacity of personnel concerned with managing shipping, rail and road transport of goods through the Humber Ports.


  • Competitiveness of National Economies and the efficient integration into the European Union ­ Maria Birsan & Tiiu Paas (See page 241)


  • Humber EBLO Education Business Partnership Small Business Award 2005.

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