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Educational Support

We are committed to improving the visibility of the Shipping, Ports, Freight, Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain industry as a worthwhile, exciting and engaging career.

We also promote the types of shipping jobs in the Humber Region that we source candidates for and in this respect we work widely with a number of educational providers and bodies.

We have worked together with Hull University Business School in developing their Logistics Institute, which has developed a range of facilities specifically geared to support the industry including, Management, Education and Training, Consultancy, Research, and Technology in Logistics.

We work closely with The Grimsby Institute of Further & Higher Education (GIFHE) in helping them to develop their Logistics Education programme offering a range of educational qualifications, from NVQ equivalent Level 2 'Introductory Certificate in Logistics & Transport' through to a 'Foundation Degree in Logistics Management'.

We also work closely with Hull College on their Logistics programme, aimed at providing a full suite of vocational qualifications in the Ports & Logistics industry.

We have previously developed a Ports & Logistics educational support programme in conjunction with Education in Business Links (EBLO) aimed at delivery to 14-16 year old students who may be thinking of which career to choose and what qualifications and standards employers are likely to be looking for.

In all respects we are committed to providing both our clients and our candidates with the opportunity to gain the edge in their business and careers. This is what makes us different from the usual recruitment agencies.

Contact us or call us on: +44(0)1472 347300 and we will work with you to develop and deliver the service that you demand to give YOU the edge.

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