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8th January 2008

As 2008 begins so we turn our thoughts to the year ahead, and as our profile grows so does the geography of our business. In order to keep ahead of the game we have introduced a range of new products and services to be able to offer our clients. Interim Management Solutions We are moving into the Interim placement market in 2008, to complement our existing permanent placement services. If you have any Interim management requirements, or require more details of how we may be able to help you, then please talk to us. Extended Candidate Database We have invested heavily this winter in software that will allow us access to the largest database of available candidates in the UK. Wherever you are located, and whatever type of vacancy you are trying to fill, talk to us, and we will be able to provide you with quality candidates. If you have any recruitment questions, please call Alison MacDonnell, or email her on careers@raggededge.co.uk Virtual HR ….. What is it? Since June 2007, Andrea Littlewood (Chartered MCIPD) has been working with Ragged Edge providing a Human Resource (HR) operational service to clients. Virtual HR allows company managers to concentrate on running the business, whilst Andrea provides the HR advice you need, for example: how to deal with absence cases, performance issues, disciplinary or grievance matters etc. Why risk getting it wrong when professional, accurate advice is available, only telephone call away. The support Andrea provides line manager’s with, is tailored to fit the requirements of each case, it could be advice over the telephone, face to face support, attending meetings or combination of all of the above. Ragged Edge virtual HR provides a cost efficient service and will save you money! If you want to discuss any HR query or issue, please ring the office and ask for Andrea or email her on andrea@raggededge.co.uk She will be delighted to speak to you. Wishing you a “hassle free staff year”.



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