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3rd March 2009

It would be fair to say that things are a bit uncertain at the moment, with economic gloom and doom around every corner, manufacturing in decline, stock markets in free fall and banks providing us with lots of evidence that their recent business models are not the ones we should follow. However we are a trading nation, and we rely on our ports and logistics industry to provide us with the engine to do business with the world. No matter how tough times are currently, when the upturn comes, and it will, you will need to be positioned to take the maximum opportunities afforded by the inevitable increase in business. You will need staff and resources that are motivated, capable and knowledgeable to ensure that you are best positioned to make the most of the opportunities that will be presented to you. We can help you achieve this. We have a wide range of excellent candidates registered with us, in all areas of the UK, and across a broad range of skills. Additionally, don’t forget that we can also assist you through our business consultancy arm with project management, strategic business planning, market analysis, and a wide range of other business support services. Additionally we can provide you with Virtual HR services to ensure that you are compliant with all current employment legislation. Call us for a ‘no obligation’ and confidential conversation on 01472 347300.



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