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28th May 2009

Ragged Edge Consulting has been operating successfully since 2000, and in that time has built a solid business in commercial consulting and specialist recruitment services within the ports, shipping, freight and logistics sector, with clients in both the private and public sector in the UK and overseas. New for 2009 and driven by customer demand we have developed a complete range of proven Management Development tools. Working together with Sheila McGregor Bowes, who has an industry specific background, we have started focusing on developing and delivering training programmes for managers to extend our repertoire which includes business consulting services, specialist recruitment and Virtual HR services including Personnel/HR investigations (which include research and report submissions), implementing job evaluation and appraisal systems as well as stress management. Previous experience has been primarily industrial; Sheila spent ten years with a successful port group working as a manager in HR and Training. We offer management, general and HR learning and development as well as personal development and coaching, designed to give your managers and staff the edge in your business. We have a broad and comprehensive range of training courses that we offer however we are happy to develop a course specific to your identified training need. Please ring 01472 347300 to explore further. Courses can be presented individually or you may prefer to select a group of courses together. We have a selected pool of associates that we can call upon should additional assistance be required. People matter and are key to any Company's success. The attitude, skills and knowledge of your workforce can really make a difference. To obtain the best from your most valuable resource, it is vital to invest in their development needs. Ragged Edge Consulting have the expertise and experience to work in partnership with private, public and voluntary sectors to help you achieve your vision. We deliver on-site training or can arrange for courses to be presented at a number of carefully selected venues (including residential) to suit your organisation's needs. The exact venues are all chosen from a vetted pool to suit the type of course and the number of delegates. Accessibility, space, exceptional resources and high quality service are key criteria in assessing venue. How can Ragged Edge Consulting help you with your training needs? 1 Company Development Solutions 2 HR and Management Consultancy 3 Personal Development 4 Coaching and Counselling Consulting services are also available. Examples of the types of consultancy areas we have experience in: Training Needs Analysis Workshop Design Performance Management Systems Job Evaluation Training Evaluation pre/post course measurement tools Change Management Conflict and Disciplinary Investigations Organisational/Strategic Review Management of Stress Project Management HR Policy and Procedure Review We specialise in the creation of "best practice" and enhanced performance. We work closely with our customers in the design and delivery of programmes to ensure we meet your requirements which have been analysed thoroughly before commencing any training/consultancy solution. We pride ourselves on our loyal customer base and have retained customers we have worked with since the Company started trading - which provides some evidence or our abilities and reputation. For more information on any of the training solutions that can be offered call us on 01472 347300, or read some of our course summaries. VALUES Our Values POSITIVE ATTITUDE We espouse William James's theory that "Most People live - whether physically, intellectually or morally - in a very restricted circle of their potential being. We all have reservoirs of life to draw upon of which we do not dream." Our aim is to inspire people to develop their unlimited sources of potential and grow in confidence to enable them to demonstrate their valuable contributions and embrace the changes; they have identified to be required. This is achieved in many ways including development of self awareness, instilling enthusiasm and reflective practice. CUSTOMER FOCUS AND SOLUTION ORIENTED Ragged Edge Consulting has a strong customer focus and strives to ensure customer rapport is established and maintained through focussed communications and response to feedback. We desire to exceed customer expectations, wherever possible and continue to assess and meet needs on an ongoing basis. Understanding the organisation culture from the beginning of the customer relationship is vital in order to provide the best solution. COMMUNICATE A clear message that underpins most of the courses developed by Ragged Edge Consulting is to communicate effectively. It is recognised that clear unambiguous, regular and honest and direct communications is key to a successful organisation. COURSES Sample Courses Here are some overviews of courses we offer. Please call us for full information. The samples are split into two sections: Management Development. The courses described here are recommended for newly promoted managers as a basic grounding in people management skills Business Skill Development. The following courses are suitable for anyone within your organisation needing to develop their business writing, improve telephone behaviour or employees, new to customer care. Sample Courses - Management Please call us regarding any of the following 15 courses for more information. Management/Communication Skills. This practical workshop looks at the modern role of manager, an analysis of the complex communication process and explores ways that managers can become more effective within an interpersonal context. Attendance. This course looks at the impact of absenteeism and ways to accept responsibility for its control and manage and monitor staff attendance. On completion, managers will know how to conduct return to work. Managing Problem Behaviour. This workshop highlights the preventative nature of handling early on problem behaviour and the role of counselling and "nipping it in the bud". It encourages managers to identify key causes and types of poor performance and look at the various ways to handle behaviour. Interviewing Skills and Selection/Induction Line Managers now have to take more responsibility for their own resources. This includes the recruitment and selection of their departments - a major investment which you cannot afford to get wrong. This workshop will cover all aspects of the process and give delegates an opportunity to practice the necessary skills and demonstrate the competencies required. Stress Management. This highly participative workshop will equip delegates with tools and techniques to reduce their stress and also looks at how to identify and cope with others. It is regularly updated to take into account changes in relevant legislation and HSE initiatives. Confidence Building and Self Esteem Development This is for those who wish to improve their ability to cope in a demanding working environment who may lack assertiveness or need to be given an opportunity to demonstrate their potential and "can do" attitude. Delegates will learn about their own self esteem and discover ways to develop self worth. Time Management. This workshop will help you look at how to control your own time and workflow more effectively and ways of controlling, planning the workflow of others. Time management is a skill and like any other skill, it needs to be practiced and various proven tools and techniques will be covered. Leadership, Motivation and Team Building. This interactive workshop is designed to both assess and develop the skills of your managers as leaders and will help increase awareness of the need to understand the needs of the team as well as the differing needs/motivators of individuals within the team in order to succeed. Performance Appraisal. Delegates will learn how to make appraisals more effective and productive. Any appraisal system is only as good as the people who use it. This course will ensure your delegates learn the skills and techniques for a successful appraisal. Managing Meetings. This practical workshop is designed to take a refreshing look at how meetings are run, examining more productive techniques for greater control and optimising the use of one's time. Delegates will develop their ability to chair/participate more effectively in team briefings, respond to awkward situations and difficult personalities effectively and assertively. Creative Thinking and Problem Solving This is a highly participative action packed workshop which uses business games, group discussion, music, video and facilitation to introduce creative thinking back into delegates lives. Problem solving and decision making techniques include brainstorming and de Bono's Six Thinking Hats. Sample Courses - Business Skills Business Writing Skills. This workshop is for anyone who needs to write letters, e-mails or reports. It will enable delegates to produce professional, clear and concise all types of written correspondence. Delegates will learn when they need to put certain communications in writing, how to plan/structure their writing. Telephone Skills. Having professionally trained staff at this first point of contact can assist with the image that you want your Company to portray to the customer. Delegates will learn the importance of a positive attitude whilst "on the phone" and develop their ability to handle all types of customer situations for positive outcomes. Preparation for Redundancy. Delegates will learn how to audit their skills, competence, knowledge, how to prepare a CV and complete job applications and the tools for getting the job, the importance of preparation/their self presentation, how to improve confidence levels.
This course is designed for people at all levels of an organisation who are experiencing a redundancy situation. Customer Awareness. This course addresses the critical relationship with the customer (internal or external) and will help your delegates manage the process and exceed customer expectations. Delegates will understand that any contact/aspect of their work they undertake, can have an affect on the customer and can radically influence his/her perception of the Company. Upon completion delegates will be able to respond effectively and assertively to customer complaints and use customer strategies to cope with any customer situation. REFERENCES We are happy to supply references to clients wishing to learn more about the range of development and training services available through Ragged Edge Consulting and Sheila McGregor Bowes. Contact us today on 01472 347300 to learn more about how we can add value into your business ad provide you with the edge in management and staff mentoring and development



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