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Specialist Recruitment

Ragged Edge are a specialist recruitment agency seeking applicants for careers and jobs within the shipping recruitment, ports recruitment, freight recruitment, logistics recruitment, transport recruitment and distribution recruitment sectors in the Humber Region and throughout the UK and overseas.

We work to give both our clients, and our candidates the edge. We do this by focusing on individuals' needs, making sure that they get the opportunity that is right for them, and by focusing on an industry where high achievers are in demand to meet the current and future needs of a truly global sector.

Recruitment clients

Clients requiring Permanent, Interim or Temporary staff at all levels use us because we provide the best candidates with the right skills. This is achieved by:

Recruitment Candidates

Candidates looking for their first step on their career ladder, or a potential career move can look to us to give them the edge.

We want people who can demonstrate a commitment and desire to work in a fast moving, international marketplace. Read our information about candidate requirements.

We can help you by:

We have an industry specific background, with more than 40 years experience. Our services have been developed by listening to what our clients need from us. Because we stay focused on our clients best interests, by delivering the right candidate for the right role, and by developing long-lasting partnerships, we believe that we can help to give you the edge.

Contact us or call us on: +44(0)1472 347300 and we will work with you to develop and deliver the service that you demand to give YOU the edge.

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