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Why Training Matters

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Why Training Matters

Your people are your most important asset - simple! But whilst many companies place great emphasis on recruiting and the interview process in order to build their talent base, unfortunately often the investment in people stops there. There are four key reasons why it shouldn't.

1. Productivity
Many companies do not manage the productivity of the people that they have hired. By failing to measure progress towards the actual goal, they lose sight of the value of training. When productivity is measured, employers are able to identify the return on their investment in recruiting, hiring, and integration. Even when aware of low productivity among new employees, many organisations still fail to invest in training. If your training efforts result in just a 1% improvement in performance this could be the equivalent of up to 200 hours of work per annum (based on an employee working 40 hours per week).

2. Performance Management
If you don't train your people you establish no basis for performance management.  As a result, performance management within your company will be inconsistent and in some cases meaningless.

3. Product / Service Quality
As success and growth drives the need to recruit new staff, companies often neglect to train new employees properly and as they integrate into the business and are assigned tasks they will often figure how to complete them as best they can. Often this can lead to inconsistencies in the user experience, performance problems, and consequently customer dissatisfaction.

4. Employee Retention
Aside from salary and economic reasons there are two main reasons why employees move on to find other roles. Firstly as a result of a bad relationship with their Manager, often as a lack of guidance, career development and feedback they were receiving. The second reason that people leave their jobs is because of the lack of self-development due to the company's failure to invest  in its staff.